Summer Vibes ’16 | Part 1

Summer Vibes 2016 presented by ILDS

Lakeland Center  |  Saturday  |  July 9th, 2016

Keeping an eye on the weather forecast before Summer Vibes we knew we were in for a scorching day. This event wasn’t ILDS’s first attempt at a summer meet though. Cars and Beaches was the predecessor to Summer Vibes and was always a good time. Not knowing what changes were in store I was looking forward to this new event. Knowing the quality of ILDS events I was confident that we would have a good time.

Arriving at the Lakeland Center early let us get set up in the shade under some trees.  The cars selected for “Limelight” rolled in as we watched from the comfort of our tent. Having attended many events in the Southeast, I can say that ILDS kept everything flowing and organized. This meet attracted a wide variety of vehicles. Stanced Euro’s, lifted trucks, exotics, Japanese VIP inspired builds, and everything in between attended. There was definitely something for every enthusiast to enjoy.


Florida Sun

As the sun rose, so did the temperature: with the feels like staying over 100F for most of the day. Luckily, for everyone there was a great selection of food trucks to stay fed and hydrated. There was even a smoothie truck and shaved ice which was a blessing on a day this hot. The Lakeland Center worked well for this event. There was plenty of space for everyone to be comfortable, while not feeling left out of the action. Walking around, it was clear that every detail was thought of and planned out to make sure everyone had a good time. ILDS even supplied a row of misters in the shade, near the DJ, to help people cool off.

Almost 30 years of living in Florida means I expected the heat. As a result we came prepared. With a tent, coolers, ice, sunblock, and especially the several cases of water we had no issues dealing with the temperature. Our location in the shade provided a nice location to cool off from the acres of black top pavement.

Meet vs. Show

Meets are always a nice change of pace from the competitive atmosphere of the big shows. Giving us a chance to relax and hang out with friends. Summer Vibes was no exception. We were able to catch up with friends from all around the state and see the progress on some of our favorite cars. It was also fun to meet some new people and see builds that we’d only ever seen online.

One of my favorite cars from Summer Vibes was one from ILDS Faction. JJ’s widebody WRX, which almost didn’t make it. He was trying to finish a complete makeover with all new body work and a color change. With the paint still drying it turned every head as he pulled in, and deservedly so, it stood out from the crowd. With a very aggressive stance and his unique twist of Subaru’s Hyper Blue color I’m sure everyone got pictures of it.

All in all, ILDS put on another great event, and even with the heat, I’m already looking forward to next year.

Article: Eric Parks (IG@courtesyflush_gs430)

Photos: Josh Mori

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