HIN Tampa 2015

HIN Tampa 2015

November 14th, 2015 @ the Tampa Convention Center

When I heard that Hot Import Nights was holding their 2015 Tampa show at the Tampa Convention Center, an indoor venue, I knew they had finally made the decision to go back to their origins. Several of us, having attended indoor HIN events years ago, knew we had to sign up to show at what could become another must attend event.

Now to give you a fair warning, here at CourtesyFlush we are a little biased in reviewing HIN. The reason is simple, Hot Import Nights used to be the car show that all others were judged by.  I grew up attending every time the show was within a few hours of Tampa. Before Mystery Meat, Winterfest, Simply Clean and many others, the show of the year was HIN. If you attended at the Orange County Convention Center or at the Miami Beach Convention Center you would understand. Hundreds of cars, gorgeous models, huge vendor booths, and tons of freebies (posters, autographs, lanyards, keychains, branded bags…). Huge companies like Toyo and Tein used to travel the country with Hot Import Nights to display their cars and hand out promotional items. A lot of the cars were over the top builds and of course lots of local cars and vendors showing off their hard work were mixed in.

I may seem a little harsh but the last two events HIN hosted in Orlando were flops. Maybe I went into things expecting the Hot Import Nights of old, and set myself up for disappointment. This time upon hearing the event would be indoors I got my hopes up again and I wasn’t let down.

November 14th creeped up on us. The day started early, 4:30am for me, with detailing the cars. Then a few hours at work, that seemed to drag on forever, before meeting with everyone at 12 to head out. The weather was perfect for an outdoor car show but we made due with a nice Saturday afternoon cruise across the bay. We made it to the convention center loading docks and got all of our registration information handled and went through a safety inspection by the fire marshal. We were some of the first to arrive, but things seemed very well organized and we were quickly moved to our assigned area and lined up to park by one of the event staff. Setup seemed to go smoothly for the rest of the show cars and vendors. The one hiccup, all of the spectators were aware of, was the gates opening almost 45 minutes late. The heartbeat of any HIN show is the stage, and it arrived over 3 hours late. Models, give-a-ways, GOGO dancers and everything happening at a Hot Import Nights show revolves around the stage, so gates couldn’t open until there was a stage in place.

The show itself went smoothly. While not as big, as HIN events of old, the show had plenty of cars and several vendors to visit. I really hope the HIN sees my review/coverage and knows that there are people who remember the former glory of Hot Import Nights and would love to see it become what it used to be. I encourage everyone to attend Hot Import Nights next year if it is another indoor event. Who knows maybe next year they can take the big room at the convention center and fill it with big name vendors and a few hundred more cars. All in all I had a great time and was able to see every car in attendance. If you want to see whats going on with Hot Import Nights click here to visit their website.

I’d Like to congratulate some of our members on taking home trophies at HIN Tampa 2015!

Hottest Inifiniti

2nd Hottest Infiniti

2nd Hottest Subaru




Check out the gallery below to see all the pictures not posted throughout the article.

Author & Images: Josh Mori

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