Far From Baesic

Year: 2004 Make: Nissan Model: Sentra

Mario’s love story with his Sentra started nearly 10 years ago when he came home to find his garage had been broken into and his Civic stripped of all the expensive carbon fiber parts and more. Packing everything up and heading for Florida after the traumatic experience, Mario decided he wanted a Nissan this time around.

A quick trip to the dealer and he became the second owner of this 2004 Nissan Sentra he affectionately calls ‘Bae’. Shortly after he ended up in Virginia where road conditions and life kept him from really getting into modifying his new car. Several years passed and Mario ended up back in Florida. With smoother roads and freshly cut springs the adventure began for this Sentra. He saw this car being hated on in forums and with little aftermarket support decided he would go ahead and build this car just for himself, with all custom parts if necessary, to prove it could be done.

Mario took inspiration from anything he liked. That led him to a fully tucked engine bay, custom AN coolant lines and a tucked radiator. While cleaning up the bay he ditched the A/C and the battery found it’s way into the trunk

Could you guess that this motor has over 230,000 miles? Not a whole lot of aftermarket parts are made for this car so the headers, exhaust, and intake all came from different applications to clean the bay up and free up some HP.

Wanting to pull everything together the purple and blue accents are carried throughout the entire car. He is self taught and says he has done almost all of the work to the Sentra himself. Something we don’t seem to see enough of anymore.

When you see Mario’s Sentra one of the first things you will notice is his hood, it’s not always installed but it goes to every show with him. I had to ask Mario what message he wants people to get from it. Here is what he had to say: “Well a lot of people ask me what I sell or organization I represent, I don’t.  I did the autism hood for my son and to show other guys it’s ok to have a kid with special needs. About 90% of autistic kids have no father figure. They all got scared and split.  I figured since our car scene is mostly guys, that I would be able to spread awareness and encourage other dads to be proud of their special needs kids. The quote on the hood says “my son is my hero”

Mario isn’t hiding his ‘FAKE’ wheels under a knock off BBS center cap. A unique piece to his car are his custom center cap stickers proudly showed off on his Lenso wheels. A lot of exterior modifications on Mario’s Sentra may be written off as basic mods to a lot of people, who don’t understand nothing was made for this car. Mario modified a front lip to fit his front bumper, he modified the wing from a Ford Contour to fit onto his trunk, no one makes a rear lip or front V-Lip that will fit his car so he did the DIY garage lip around the whole car.

Mario ditched the stock seats and custom fit a full set of leathers from an Infiniti, He didn’t shy away from DIY when it came to the interior either. You may notice the passenger seat has a custom lower seat cushion, Mario made this himself and is working on finishing the whole interior when he has time. Little details and upgrades can be found in the least obvious places. This Sentra didn’t have a map light so Mario retrofitted a rearview mirror from a BMW which came with a maplight. He wanted a lit ring around his accessory outlet so he installed one from an Audi he found at the junkyard. These little touches really show how much he cares for this car.

Mario says some big changes are coming in the near future so be sure to follow him on Instagram @b15mario

Mod List



Engine Bay

  • Autism Awareness Hood Wrap
  • Megan Racing Coilovers
  • Lenso Axe Wheels (17×9)
  • Nitto NeoGen Tires
  • Sentra SER black housing headlights
  • 8k HIDs
  • Buddy Club 2 Side Skirts
  • Custom Fit Type S GXE Front Lip
  • Custom Rear Spoiler
  • DIY garage door Lip all around
  • BWR bumper quick releases
  • NRG driver’s seat
  • NRG steering wheel
  • NRG hub
  • NRG quick release
  • NRG weighted shift knob
  • NRG pedals
  • NRG harness bar
  • NRG harnesses
  • Infiniti G20 Seats
  • Infiniti leather handbrake cover
  • Audi lit accessory outlet
  • custom blue/purple camo wrapped headliner and pillars
  • BMW rearview mirror with map lights
  • 7 inch flip out headunit
  • Sony Xplod speakers and subwoofer
  • Custom made trunk panels wrapped in matching camo fabric
  • H.O.K. Purple with marbleizer
  • Wire tuck
  • fuse box relocation
  • battery relocation
  • ECU relocation
  • A/C delete
  • PS relocation
  • custom radiator
  • AN cooling hoses
  • Custom header
  • Custom Intake
  • Custom exhaust
  • custom painted valve cover and intake

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