One Bad Bitch

     There’s always that one car that every other girl wants to own, Cassidy Kennedy owns that car.Still owning her very first car, a 1997 Honda Civic;

she has a true “love story” with her baby. “I got the car on July 9th, 2009; yes, I do have the date memorized. I was only 14 at the time I got the car which made it my first car, and the only car that I’ve owned to this day.” This car was perfect from the get-go; flawless paint, stock, 5-speed, and no rust. It was exactly what she’d been looking for. Cassidy built the car for herself, to fit her needs and make her happy. “I like to stand out and be different; my car reflects me and my personality.” Cassidy says that she’s learned a lot over the few years that she’s been in the scene & has changed her car numerous times, only getting happier with every new mod/ part on the car.

        Cassidy’s inspiration for the car has come from other female builds and female racers. Cassidy got the car knowing that she wanted to build/ mod the car, she just didn’t know where to begin. “I didn’t know too much about cars at the time. The smallest mods meant the world to me and the cheapest parts seemed like gold.” In the beginning Cassidy says that she “was young and dumb, and I let people work on my car who shouldn’t have.” But, after learning, research, lots of time & money, she’s basically re-built the entire car. The suspension has been redone three different times with different brands, it’s been painted three times and the interior and engine bay has all been redone. “I am always changing parts and upgrading to get my car where I want it, there is always something to do to her to make her stand out more.”

        When you ask Cassidy what her favorite part of her car is, of course, she’ll say it’s her wheels. Who wouldn’t love those wheels though? The wheels came directly from SSR in Japan, and going through customs was a huge waiting process. “I ordered them back on December 17, 2012; I didn’t receive the wheels until the end of April…but it was worth the wait because I love love love my wheels.” Of course, there is always room for improvement and Cassidy has future plans for her baby. “My main focus right now is some more interior work, then I will be focused on a motor swap. Everything else is a secret for now.”

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cass cover SpecSheet

Shout out to: Pro-Spec Auto, Vraceworks, HellaCute Car Crew, Shane Gardner, Rafael

Danko, Cody Kennedy, Liz Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Loma Kennedy, Bob Kennedy, Mila

Ramble and Jim Ramble…anyone else who helped along the way!


Instagram: @xjdmbabygirl


Engine Bay:


.50 Trim Turbo

450cc injectors

JDM intake manifold

Tial 38mm Wastegate

Custom intercooler piping

Turbo XS blow-off valve

3 angle valve job

Full port and polish

Port matched

Delta 272 cam

Skunk 2 short shifter

MSD distributor cap

MSD blaster coil

Custom 2.5 inch exhaust

Custom Painted valve cover



Skunk 2 Coilovers

Skunk 2 Lower Control Arms

ASR Rear Sway Bar

ASR Neo chrome sub-frame brace

Buddyclub Rear Camber Kit


NRG 2013 Silver Reclinable Bucket Seats

NRG Harness Bar

Auto Power Harnesses

Custom gauge bezel

Glowshift boost gauge

AEM Wideband

Skunk 2 Neo Chrome Shift Knob

Kicker interior speakers throughout

Custom wrapped headliner & interior panels


Vinyl Wrapped Candy pink w/ sparkles

Domani Front End conversion

Antenna block off

Rear Window Visor

50/50 Taillights

Xenon HID Headlights

-Wheels  & Tires

 Fully Custom 16×8” Spectrum Silver SSR Professor SP1-R

2.5” lips on the front

3” lips on the rear

205/40/16 Kumho Tires

Project Kics Neo chrome R40 lugnuts

20mm spacers on the rear

Author: Jennifer Rauschenberger

  1. Jay
    Oct 04, 2013
    You are definitely my inspiration! I've been following you on IG (viral_thoughts) for some time now, & your pics continue to give me that motivation to get my car the way I want it to be. My honda accord is also my very first car & slowly but surely I'm getting it to shape. Thank you! Continue doing great !!