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Year: 2006 Make: Subaru Model: WRX STI

When you see a WRX cruising down the street in a color other than World Rally Blue it really makes you question the owner’s life choices. A WRX just feels right in blue. It may just be my opinion but judging by Jonathan’s color choices on his WRX I’m guessing he agrees.

Subaru has always made a functional and practical line of vehicles and offered a world class platform for professional rally teams. With a love of fast cars and a need to haul jet skis down to the water the WRX seemed like the perfect choice for him.

Jonathan’s love of going fast isn’t limited to his jet skis. Raised around race cars he carried that know how over to this WRX. An upgraded ball bearing turbo, front mount intercooler, and a ton of other modifications help this Subaru nearly double the stock numbers. This hawkeye puts down an impressive 436 horsepower.

To keep from sliding out of his seat in the corners this WRX is fitted with a beautiful set of Bride seats, an NRG harness bar, and harnesses. The blue Bride fabric is carried over to the door cards to help pull everything together.

Stopping 436 horsepower takes more than stock WRX brakes. STI Brembos have been custom painted and stuck behind beautiful 18×10 Work Emotion XD9 wheels. Jonathan isn’t building a sleeper. If the HKS front mount doesn’t give him away you’ll have a hard time missing the carbon hood, carbon trunk, vortex generator, rear diffuser, and front lip. Everything on this car works well together and it always draws a crowd wherever it goes. 

Mod List




  • BC BR Coilovers
  • Cobb Sway bars (Front & Rear)
  • Work Emotion XD9 (18×10)
  • STI Brembo Brakes (Front)
  • APS SR56 ball bearing turbo
  • ID1000 injectors
  • Parallel fuel lines
  • Composite TGV deletes
  • 40mm external wastegate
  • Borla Hush Exhaust
  • HKS front mount intercooler
  • Custom powdercoated intercooler piping
  • HKS SSQV blow off valve
  • Carbon Hood
  • Carbon trunk
  • Vortex generator
  • Forcewerkz rear splitter


Car Club

  • NRG hub
  • NRG quick release
  • NRG wheel
  • NRG harness bar
  • NRG harnesses
  • Bride seats
  • Bride fabric door inserts
  • Dash mount gauges

Author/Images: Josh Mori

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